Monday, October 12, 2015

!!כל ישׁראל ערבים זה לזה All Jews are Responsible for One Another!!

There have been too many terror attacks to count over these past couple of weeks. Stabbing after stabbing, rock throwings, fire bombings, shootings, car rammings etc. Although we all feel the pain of our brothers and sisters in Israel, I think it would make it all the more meaningful if we could each adopt a soldier or policeman/woman to have in mind throughout the day in our tefilos and tehillim. These soldiers and policeman are on the frontlines in the fight against the wave of terror, and very often also the primary targets as well!

During these extremely tense days in Israel, it is incumbent on us to do our part for our brothers and sisters who bravely sacrifice their lives to defend the residents of the eternal jewish homeland.  

I have compiled a list of names of soldiers and policemen/women who we can specifically have in mind in our tefilos and tehillim (in addition to all the relatives, friends, greater nation we are already davening for.) If you would like to be assigned a name or two, or if you would like to submit the name of a soldier or policeman/woman to be added to our list please email  

May the merit of these tefilos keep our soldiers, police, and residents safe, and may we all merit to return to a rebuilt Jerusalem speedily in our days!!

P.S.- if submitting a name the proper format is "person ben person's mother's name."

Others, such as the National Council of  Young  Israel, have done identical initiatives in the past with great results! Please share this blog (buttons on the bottom of this post) with friends and family so we can have as many people as possible involved!

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